About Us

Ethio-Oasis is a trading company that’s engaged in exporting rough precious and semi-precious stones, minerals, seeds, pulses and fruits as well as importing various building materials, chemicals and hardware. In addition to our various importing and exporting services, we also provide procurement services for various governmental, NGOs, and Manufacturing organization. 

At the heart of each client engagement is our pursuit to understand our client’s business, and create impactful solutions that can drive agility and excellence into their business processes. Our offices have the required infrastructure, systems and tools to perform complex assignments with ease and we have the required memberships and associations to provide the professional services set out in our company profile. We make use of our vast experience in the field of trading and various relationships we have built over the years to offer top tier service.

Our Vision

We aim to become the leading Trading company in East Africa. To attain our vision, we run a business that values its clients, that inspires them, that shares its rewards with those who are working with us to create long-term value.

Our Goals

We pride ourselves in  conserving and sustaining our core goals during client interactions, these goals are: continuing integrity & transparency, dedication, delivering the best value whilst ensuring sustainability, and focusing on developing our clients through professional support.

Our Mission

To boost Ethiopian development through exports, imports and by providing efficient procurement services. We are passionate about Africa’s development and that makes our job worthwhile.